The big buzz this week was the unveiling of the Apple iPad. To learn more about why it’s so special, or not, see the iPad Comprehensive Guide. Other than the iPad, here’s some of the latest news relevant to marketers:

Social Networking
The future of social networking
Facebook’s first digital coupon campaign – get a free bagel for being a friend
Calculating the cost of social media ROI

Consumer Engagement

Marketers need timely consumer contact in 2010
Consumers demand engagement
Engagement on social networks top priority for marketers
What social followers want – to learn about specials & sales

App usage to soar in 2010

LiQuid unveiled the newly redesigned Ceridian website earlier this month. Ceridian Canada is a human resources solutions provider that helps clients optimize their workforce, reduce costs and save time by finding, paying, developing and engaging their talent.

Recognized repeatedly for HR and workplace best practices, Ceridian was again counted in 2009 among the 50 Best Employers in Canada, the Top 100 Employers, and the Best Workplaces in Canada among others.

It’s 2010 and new reports point to signs that this may finally be the year of the mobile, yet many marketers are still catching up with social media and SEO.  Feeling overwhelmed with options and not enough time or resources?  Just remember the basics – it’s all about the customer.   Stay focused on them, where they are, and what’s important to them.

As usual, we’ve combed through the latest news and research, and here’s what you should know:

Why marketers must go mobile
Mobile internet access will overtake access via PCs soon
Mobile shopping takes hold worldwide

Advocacy and Word of Mouth
Harnessing active brand advocates
“Max Connectors” valuable targets for marketers

Tips to brand building in the social space

Consumer Behaviour
Digital tools help moms take charge

Email Marketing
Email is still king of online sharing
Re-engage cart abandoners with email to increase results

Online Advertising
Keep your website from becoming a tombstone
Why marketers need more than targeting to engage consumers

Yahoo and Google combine social media with local mobile search

Social Media
Connected consumers want more interactivity and personalization
5 tips for creating a successful social media contest
What’s working for social media marketers?